Convective Heat Engine #

Proposed Solution to Climate Change #

Transform the Desert

Overview #

The Convective Heat Engine (CHE) is the primary infrastructure for a sustainable city design which can be used to capture thousands of tons of carbon per year while providing a reliable supply of water, shelter, and electricity for a population of 100,000 people.

Major benefits of the CHE:

  • Continuous high-volume fresh water supply anywhere in the world
  • Plant growth in arid regions of the planet
  • CO2 removal from the atmosphere in large quantities by sequestration via new forest growth in transformed deserts
  • Improved power generation efficiencies
  • Stabilised planetary temperatures

The CHE performs several functions, both directly through surface heat removal and power generation efficiency as well as indirectly by allowing plants to be grown in areas that have otherwise been unsuitable, such as a desert or areas prone to drought, due to the lack of an economically viable fresh water supply.

The CHE continuously moves Earth’s surface heat upwards through the atmosphere. As a result of this warm surface air being moved to a higher altitude, the moisture contained in it condenses as a result of the atmosphere cooling with altitude and so the CHE behaves like a continuously raining cumulonimbus cloud, formed and maintained in a series of vertical towers. The cold air flowing to the top of the tower provides a low temperature heat sink which can be used as an ultra-efficient cooling tower to improve power generation efficiency.

By continuously removing surface heat from the planet, improving power generation efficiency, and creating continuous rain from the CHE towers, it is now possible to begin to reverse Anthropogenic Global Warming.

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